Health Awareness Camp at SKR Public School, Inderpuri

More than 200 girls from the school got advice on various topics related to women’s health. According to Dr Mrs Shiv Lata Gupta, “women’s health is a touchy issue in many households. But, the matter is of extreme importance and should not be ignored as women in the society have a greater role to play.” Adding to the health concerns of women Miss Liza Bhansali, the dietician said, “With women moving out of homes and competing with men, their dietary needs are changing as well. Since women have to balance home as well as offices they need to be extra cautious of what they eat.

The Medical Camp at SRK Public school was a very first of its kind and went on till afternoon. School authorities thanked the Sanwari members for their noble initiative and their outstanding contribution to the concept of women empowerment.
All the participants shared their positive feedback & expressed their eagerness to look forward for many such noble initiatives.1622268_889790814405293_8958873493491074293_n 10171034_889790054405369_9081658048921435786_n 10407553_889790904405284_83029779833481427_n 10427361_889790194405355_8013187736020466284_n 10649834_889789921072049_2503552330110574539_n 10947227_889788451072196_2955869637913805954_n 10959480_889788561072185_7898209380677977939_n 10959773_889790274405347_312536426441208987_n 10968196_889788737738834_4050154552654409943_n 10968422_889788331072208_5954441418547427535_n 10980716_889788181072223_8064052508906894629_n 10987357_889790994405275_4056784462076808639_n 10991333_889788797738828_4683891867045584328_n 10991436_889789854405389_7683045209071571985_n 10991440_889790327738675_5607038027679444221_n 10993398_889791284405246_97158293583173226_n


About Sanwari Women Empowerment

Sanwari Women Empowerment educates and empowers women, who feel challenged in any manner in whatever form. Be it sociological, economic or for that matter are physical impediments for any women we help them with the skills and confidence necessary to lead a respectable life bereft of any biases in the society and help them in becoming capable of leading a healthy lifestyle, Sanwari regularly conducts training sessions for women in health, education and skill development arenas. We go deep right into the heart and bring about change in the attitude of society so that we can make it a better world. Sanwari Women Empowerment seeks to bring about a passive change in societal thinking where women impromptu gets what she rightfully deserves. Vision Sanwari would be creating a much needed environment where women are not discriminated on the basis of their being a women Sanwari aims to ensure a life with dignity for the women. Through our efforts we aim to have respect for women all around and they always feel at ease. The Sanwari Women Empowerment invites you to join us. If you are interested to get more information about our Society, please contact us at
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