corporate Partnership

As the world takes another step towards the development of mankind and we strive for a better and more efficient world, the role of corporate world in the up-liftment and empowerment of women becomes even more prominent. Not only are the entities moving towards the global concept of equality, they are also moving away the gender biases that has plagued us for centuries.

Women empowerment at corporate level can help on two fronts; one, at their organisational level and secondly as a part of their philanthropic sojourn.

With the advent of multinational organisations there is a renewed focus on a better an just working environment. Women no longer are treated as an unequal part of the workforce. Yes women have proven themselves as gems in an organisation and they are no less capable than their male counterparts. Kiran Maujumdar Shaw, Chanda Kochar, Arundhati Bhattacharya have made us all proud. Clearly, they have come out of the shadows and are now perfect role models not only for women but for men as well. It is indeed heartening to see women at the helm of affairs.

Today many corporates are actively involved in gender sensitisation and contribute more and more towards the social concerns of the society. Many even take it up as a part of their CSR and help the organisations like Sanwari Women’s Impowerment to advance their work to empower women and eliminate racism, both nationally and locally.

Empowerment can never be complete till the time women realise their abilities to fulfill their dreams and that is where the corporate world can help them achieve it. Mere feeling of belongingness can achieve a lot and each small step taken at institutional level will help them in being self reliant. These small gestures are helping womenfolk to be an independent individual and fight against the evils like domestic violence, sexual harassment, and gender inequalities.

Because, unless or until each woman in this country is able to do what she wants our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women will always remain incomplete.



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