Women Empowering Women

Women Empowering Women

Meet with Sanwari Women Power Mentor Mrs. Seema Goel 
‘Social Activist’

Mrs. Seema Goel is the Director of Sanwari Women Power which is a knowledge sharing platform for the likeminded women from corporates and other professions.seema goel She is also a Director in many business houses. She started her career as a Commerce Lecturer soon after completing her M.Com and M.Phil. Her passion for learning did not stop with the college life. Out of passion, she got qualified as a Jyotish Acharya from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan , New Delhi.

She is more popular as a social activist for her active involvement in various social welfare activities like sponsoring free education to the meritorious girls from economically weaker families and helping the needy persons with various requirements.

The leadership potential in her led her to be associated with many leadership forum like IQ Gains, Sanwari, AIVF, WHWF and lot more. More highlighting feature of her unique personality is that she is a research scholar on the topic Women Empowerment. Many magazines & newspapers regularly carry articles of her on several issues of national interest.

Her noteworthy accomplishment is in presenting an internationally acclaimed White paper on Innovative Leadership Parenting which highlight about the role of parents in shaping the leadership future of Children. All her insights are much broader as she is a bonhomie personality being friendly with people of all ages. She has widely travelled over many countries like UK, Germany, France, US, Singapore, Dubai, Mauritius & Thailand to name a few.

It would be more appropriate here to say that she delivered guest lectures in national and international events. Above all, she is an innovative women entrepreneur of her own right with keen interest in women empowerment.

She is honoured with many awards & recognitions from different educational, social & cultural organizations. She is the organizing committee member of World Hindu Women Forum & also the Sr. Vice President of All India Vaish Federation.

To sum up all about her into a single phrase – She is a humble, friendly and visionary woman who cares for always doing good.

You may get pleasantly surprised to know that she is on the task of penning down her thoughts into a book titled “Women of Tomorrow” which is going to be released soon. This particular book is about what all women should develop in themselves to be the leaders and achievers of tomorrow.

Sanwari Women Power




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